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Construction Accident Attorneys Helping Victims throughout Connecticut

Serving clients throughout the State of Connecticut

Most people would agree that construction sites can be dangerous, but this does not mean that workers or pedestrians should be injured unnecessarily. At Coyne, von Kühn & Brady, LLC, we are proud to represent the interests of both injury victims and those who have been sued as a result of a construction site accident.

This experience enables us to provide the best possible legal service to all of our construction accident clients because we have a comprehensive perspective. We have knowledge that many firms do not have ­– we know how the opposition operates. Whether you need an experienced attorney to prosecute your construction accident case or someone to assist you in creating a solid defense, we look forward to speaking to you.

Types of construction accidents our construction accident lawyers handle

The following is a list of construction accident cases we handle at Coyne, von Kühn & Brady, LLC:

  • Slip and fall accidents: Falls can occur on construction sites if debris or equipment obstructs the workspace or if safety procedures are not followed.
  • Vehicle accidents: Trucks and other construction vehicles can cause injury or death if not used properly on a construction site.
  • Heavy machinery accidents: When workers are not trained properly in the use of heavy machinery, it can lead to devastating results on a construction site.
  • Head injuries: Gravity-related accidents are also common on construction sites. If defective or unsecure, falling scaffolding can cause traumatic brain injury or death to workers and bystanders. Similar injuries can result from falling construction materials and tools.

If you are involved in a construction accident, we can review your case and launch an investigation to gather evidence.

Aggressive construction accidents lawyer in Stratford, Connecticut

Whether you have suffered injury on a construction site or require a skilled team of defense lawyers, Coyne, von Kühn & Brady, LLC is here for you. For information on our services, or to speak to a knowledgeable lawyer, please contact us today online or by phone at 203.378.7100.