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Insurance Defense

We provide reputable insurers with experienced representation for their insureds

Most of the defendants represented over the years by Coyne, von Kühn, Brady & Fries, LLC have come to us through their insurance companies. In addition to a proven record of success, we have the skill, experience and knowledge needed to help insurers obtain a cost-effective and speedy resolution of claims brought against their insureds. The majority of our defense work continues to come to us through highly reputable insurance companies. If you have come to us because your insurer has retained our services, know that we will do our very best to represent your interests.

The plaintiffs we represent in personal injury lawsuits benefit from our knowledge of the insurance defense industry, and similarly, the insurance companies that retain us, as well as their insureds, benefit from our ability to successfully prosecute any type of personal injury case.

Types of cases our Connecticut insurance defense lawyers handle

With the exception of medical malpractice claims, for which we limit our representation to injury victims and their families, we provide insurance defense services for all types of personal injury cases. Our attorneys have experience throughout the state and we offer a level of knowledge that few other law firms can offer. Our lawyers are able to view each case through a unique lens that lets us identify strengths and weaknesses other law offices would never even realize existed.

Experienced insurance defense lawyers

Professional and hardworking, the attorneys at Coyne, von Kühn, Brady & Fries, LLC are ready to provide you with experienced legal assistance in insurance defense matters. For information on our services, or to speak to a knowledgeable lawyer, please contact us today online or by phone at 203.378.7100.